Reiss Edler
personal portfolio

Reiss Edler

personal portfolio


I'm a Computer Science student, studing at the University of Warwick. Awarded 3 A*s in A-level Computer Science, Maths and Physics at Beths Grammar school.

"He showed great technical abilities, aptitude and intelligence ... ... was a punctual, responsible and personable young man. Capable of thinking on his feet and handling a variety of situations." - Simon Brown (NowTV work experience manager)


heat-demo control page

Remote Home Control

Run on a series of Raspberry pi's, the site allows for control of my heating, LEDs and fans from anywhere. I also made a desktop version with Electron.



For my A-level Computer Science coursework I made a minimalist web-based version of othello in JavaScript. It features a simple, yet effective, AI to play against.

link GitHub

Wiki Race

Finds the shortest route between two wikipedia pages through embedded links. Built with a Python backend using the Bottle framework.

link GitHub
Car AI's driving around the track


Using Processing, I made a simple car racing game and then trained an AI to drive. It currently uses the genetic algorithm and a feed forward neural network.

My portfolio site

This Website

Bootstrap and JS frontend, Python backend. It's hosted on my Ubuntu server using Nginx to serve static files.

You're looking at it :)
Virtual christmas cards

Virtual Christmas Cards

Simply add the recipients name to the end of the URL and click send. A personal message can be added along with custom themes.

Autonomous RC car

Autonomous RC Car

I heard Google was making one so I thought I should have a go too. It's not particularly smart, but I was only 10 at the time so neither was I.

Plant waterer watering plants

Automated Plant Waterer

I wasn't always around to water my plant, why not have an Arduino do it for me? It has a water moisture sensor to tell when the soil becomes dry and dispenses water when needed.


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